Our company:
the main thing is confidence

Our life is full of surprises. It's good, when surprises are peasant, but unexpected breakage of the automobile somewhere halfway between home and destination point could become a serious problem to decide without assistance. «Evacuator-garant» company will help you to fill yourself confidently, even a long way off home.

Automobile evacuation service of «Evacuator-garant» company works successfully in Odessa and Ukraine from 1996. Evacuators assigned for transporting eather broken or new automobiles with 5 ton carrying capacity.

All tow trucks of «Evacuator-garant» company insurant for risks, connected with freight transporting.

An insurance companies in Odessa, motor clubs of Odessa, motor shows, service centers, legal persones with own autopark in Odessa and private persones not a packed list of our customers.

«Evacuator-garant» — is a round the clock fast and professional help on the road, minimal financial and time outlays for evacuation of the car from breakage place to any destination point in Odessa eather Ukraine or even neighbour country.

To insurance companies
Your customers will probably need tow truck when insured accident comes. We are opened to conclude a profitable treaty with you for rendering of such services. We are also ready to recommend your insurance company to our customers.

To motor shows and service centers
We will carefully consider your cooperation offer. We are ready not only for automobile transporting in Odessa but also for automobile delivering at any Ukrainian city to your cusomer.

«Evacuator-garant» — assured help in your hour of need.

Call day and night: +380 (68) 201-48-00